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“The laptop healed itself” Unfortunately, laptops can not heal themselves, once the coffee is spilled all over it, there is no coming back unless parts are replaced. Of course, we all wish that technology could heal itself, wouldn't that be awesome? I wish my car could heal itself, no more check engine lights or expensive trips to the mechanic, that would be the dream. I wish I could drop and crack my phone screen and then just wait a little bit for the damaged glass to become smooth again.  I often think about the idea of healing and I am wishful thinking, but the most important things in life are my friends, family,  and of course myself. Should I not be more thankful that humans are able to heal, we are able to heal from trauma, our broken bones heal, and our ligaments and muscles heal? This is something that we can be incredibly thankful to God for. One of my favorite examples of God designing us to heal and recover is the chemical called oxytocin, this is a chemical that is released in the mother's brain naturally right after childbirth and it actually causes the trauma and pain to be wiped from the memory, without this chemical everybody would be a single child.  


A large population of our church attended the encounter weekend here at the church, and there were many testimonies from that weekend on the topic of healing, many people were healed that weekend, praise God! I am so thankful that when we as sons and daughters of the father open up our hearts and souls to be changed by God and we call out for some much-needed cleaning and healing whether physical or spiritual, God answers and makes us new again. The encounter weekend can be intense at parts and sometimes the transition back to the next Monday is difficult because of this amazing experience you had and you are not sure what to do with it. God is amazing in the way that he moves and touches us and we are made to do this journey in community, share our story, and move forward in boldness knowing that God has touched your life!

Pastor Clay Wilson