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We paid a psychic to tell us about CPC's future. Ok, no we didn't. We would never! But, here's the thing, we don't have to. Our future is made visible by the present.
I read some concerned words from a scholar and pastor this morning. He was describing what it feels like for him to know he is burying more people each year than dedicating babies, baptizing new believers or welcoming new families in his aging church. He's grappling with the feelings of seeing the difficult future of his church, made visible by the present. 

With the oldest of our four turning 14 soon and our youngest being 6, I'm in the thick of parenting right now. But at 40, I'm also at a point in life where I ponder the prospect of grandchildren - perhaps just a handful of years or so into our future. I smile. Right now, I'm an old dad. One day, I could be a young grandpa. And then, of course, and old grandfather. When I imagine what these future scenes could be like, I'm always picturing young children around. What about you? I mean, I look forward to being a grandparent at Christmas - with the noise, mess and excitement of younger ones around me. Don't you? 

Why is this?
Because there's something about families, children and babies that speaks of L I F E . 
There's something that speaks about legacy. Meaning. Purpose. And F U T U R E . 

When I served as Associate Pastor here at CPC a decade ago, I marvelled at Pastor Dave Postal's commitment to champion CPC's value of the Next Generation. Why did he do this? Even though he didn't have children at home any longer himself, he knew every church that has young families has life and has an exciting future. I'm so grateful he embedded and nurtured this value into our church culture over the years. CPC has seen surges and seasons of growth among young families through the years because of it. 

It's time for us to make this a priority again.

Like a fine wine or spectacular cheese, CPC is aging well. We must make sure we are a church that celebrates this! And, we must make sure we are a church that has a noisy nursery too. 

CPC's search committee and Leadership Council (especially -and I don't think they'd mind my saying- the older ones on these teams) have done well to educate me early on of CPC's need to prioritize young families. 


This is why Young Families is one of our 5 Prayer Priorities for 2021

Would you join me an our Leadership Council and Staff in praying for Young Families? 
  • Pray for parents and their important responsibility of discipling their children
  • Pray for young families that move to the Valley to find a home in CPC 
  • Pray for our Nursery to be filled
  • Pray for our Children's Ministries & Youth Ministries 
  • Pray for children and teens who don't know Jesus yet to be reached
Look into your crystal ball with me. Ok, don't. But look around. 
Then look to Jesus. 

Pastor Mike