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"Try again in the morning," my grandfather said. 
Whenever we slept over at my dad's parent's home, my sister and I would place our backs up against the 'measuring wall,' crane our necks and wrinkle our foreheads as up as possible with the hope that any little effort could lead to us measuring just a little taller (at least!) than last time. 
My grandfather would patiently bring a pencil over and, with a level on top of our heads (to ensure a fair measurement every time), make a mark on the wall indicating how tall we now stood. 
Sometimes there was little evidence of any growth at all. To help comfort the disappointment, he would often offer that we 'try again in the morning'. He suggested that our backs probably stretch out when we sleep at night and we might be tallest in the morning each day.
We were always up for trying. 
We always loved seeing that we were growing. 
We would do anything to grow more. 
I remember taking an interest in spinach after watching Popeye's results on spinach. I remember trying to massage certain pressure points in my thumbs that someone told someone who told me could cause you to grow a bit faster. Ha! Anything for growth! 
Did you have any similar experiences growing up? 
Can I ask you a question? And, would you give it some thought and give an honest answer? 
Ok, good. 
Here is: do you have that same kind of delight in and desire to grow spiritually right now? 
If not, don't worry, there's always an opportunity to adjust that. What if this Fall could be a season of exciting growth in your faith? 
I'd take that! Would you?
Growing spiritually rarely happens by accident. It requires desire and decision. 
By now I hope you've heard that we're inviting everyone to participate in mid-week conversations in concert with our Sunday series called "Gospel Fluency" which launches this Sunday for 7 weeks. We're going to grow together in understanding the heartbeat of the Bible's message (the gospel!) and give it extra opportunity through discussion, prayer, and action, to produce new fruit from our lives.
Could you join with a few others in a Coffee Club, Pop Up Group, or Life Group to grow together in Gospel Fluency this Fall? You could form your own group or sign up to join one; we can help! Click here to learn more or sign up. 
Summon that childlike desire to grow....! 
Pastor Mike