Gospel Fluency Discussion Questions


OPTIONAL: Read Chapters 8 & 9 of Gospel Fluency. What are some highlights? What Challenged you?

1.  On Sunday we talked about the tree of Mamre and Abraham. We considered how God formed a covenant family through which He can make himself known, offer relationships, and extend His purposes. God is faithful, even when things are difficult and even when we are difficult. What stood out to you or spoke to your heart in a meaningful way?

2.  Part 1: Is the message of God's faithfulness, (gospel) good news to you? How so? Part 2: Is God's faithfulness, good news to the people of the Comox Valley who don't know Jesus yet? How so?  Give some examples of things people in the C.V. may be facing and how the faithfulness of God speaks good news to that.

3.  Read 2 Timothy 2:11-13 Pretend we only have three verses to discover what God is like. Make a list together of the things we learn about God through this passage. This "Trustworthy saying" was likely an early Christian hymn.  How do you see the gospel in its words? (What is the good news it is relaying?)

4.  Communion & Prayer (Read 1Cor. 11:23-26 for guidance.)

5.  Christmas Outreach Planning: By now your group should have decided on a Christmas Outreach that you participate in together. If not, make that decision today. What are the next steps? What do you need to do to plan and be well-prepared for this group Christmas Outreach?