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What is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality? 
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) is the focus for our October & November series. It will not be just Sunday messages, but will also include video and discussion content to be worked out in mid-week "Coffee Clubs." EHS is built on the reality that Spiritual Maturity and Emotional Health are inseparable. We are called by Jesus to a live of abounding love, and the greatest interference to loving well is being emotionally unhealthy - in big or little ways. We all have room to grow! 
What is a Coffee Club? 
Coffee Clubs are mid week gatherings of 3 people of the same gender who will meet up once a week through the eight weeks of the series for Connection, Spiritual Growth and Soul Care. Who doesn't love a good coffee (or brew of your choice) with some friends? 
How do I get into a Coffee Club? 
Glad you asked! There are three ways:
1. Sign up and we'll help place in you a group with two others! CLICK HERE
2. Find two others of the same gender and self-organize into your own Coffee Club. Register your coffee club HERE
3. Maybe you've found just one person and you have room for one more to join you. Let us know HERE
Wait, couldn't I just do this with my spouse instead of a Coffee Club? 
The EHS material is designed for groups, not couples. There is a follow up resource designed for couples (which you married folk are most welcome to check out sometime!). That all being said, if it just won't work for you to be in a Coffee Club, then going through EHS with your spouse can be an option. 
The advantage of the Coffee Clubs is that they will link you with two other friends for mutual growth, accountability and care in a way that will benefit your marriage! 
How do I purchase the Resources? 
CPC has a limited supply of EHS Books and Workbooks. 
Books $15
Workbook $10 
Will be made available in the lobby or during office hours. 
You can also purchase your own copies online on amazon if you prefer or if CPC's supplies run out. 
Wait, so WHY Emotionally Healthy Spirituality in the first place? 
Perhaps the best way we can answer that is with a recent blog post from Pastor Mike:
"You will never walk again," said the doctor. 

"Unless..." he carried on to the stunned face of the patient, "unless you allow for surgery." The patient had been defiantly resisting the notion of surgery for weeks. Somewhere she had heard that  time heals all wounds, and she knew that motto was one that, true or not, people sometimes say about a relational or emotional fracture, not a physical condition like hers. But she liked the sound of it anyway. Beneath it all, she was reluctant to acknowledge that she was just afraid. What if this surgery was botched, like her childhood appendectomy where a bacteria spread throughout her abdomen, which welcomed with it a host of other concerns and fears. The prospect of surgery now was scary. But the prospect of not being able to enjoy a walk with her husband or play with grandchildren at the beach was just a scary. 

Sometimes it's easy for us to see what  someone else should do. In fact, it can appear obvious and as plain as day to us. What about the times when  you're that someone else? Isn't it true that sometimes we can be slow to acknowledge our own need for healing. 

I want you to join me in preparing for a very important series this coming Fall called "Emotionally Healthy Church." 

Allow me to point out three things to you: 
  1. We have been in a pandemic for 16+ months. It has interfered with your life and inner world more than you and I know. It has been emotionally jarring. 
  2. Our church has experienced a lot of leadership transition since the summer of 2017. As we all continue to settle into our new normals and move into our future together with growing strength, we must also recognize that transition(s) always take an emotional toll on a church. 
  3. Personally, every single one of us face the pains and wounds that life presents. No one is immune. We each carry the impact of disappointments, hurts, and strained relationships. Time does not heal all wounds. 
For some, the prospect of emotional surgery seems scary, and for others it seems irrelevant (too 'touchy-feely'), a waste of time, or low priority. 

It's not. 

I'm the doctor saying "you need surgery."
Each of those three words is important.

I'm the doctor saying "if you don't give attention to this... if you don't allow for surgery, your life-walk will become seriously impaired, in fact you may not walk again." 

I want to ask you to join me in preparing for our emotional surgery this fall. Here's how: 
  • Begin giving sober thought to your need for it. What areas of your soul do you prefer to remain untouched? What relationships could be better or restored? What life-memories do you prefer not having to think about? Why? 
  • Begin asking The Great Physician to attend to your soul with compassion and healing. Will you trust Him? 
  • Prepare to join with 2 other people of the same gender on a journey of discussion, growth and prayer together for several weeks this Fall. These safe, committed mini-groups will help us all as we journey through Sunday messages and process our way through healing into greater health as a church together. Can you begin to think of two other people you could ask to be in a group with you? 
Even greater health and vitality is in our future together! It's going to take your participation. It's going to take hard work. But, it's going to be worth it. 
"The power of the Lord was present to heal" 
Luke 5.17 

The Great Physician is trustworthy! 

Pastor Mike