If your goal is to be a healthier and more fruitful disciple of Jesus, you need to go deeper (all of us do!). Groups are designed to help! 


Coffee Club / DNA Relationship Groups:

Coffee Clubs are small, small groups that allow for deeper conversation, connection, and growth. "Small" small groups (of 3) are prime environments for Discipleship, Nurturing & Accountability (DNA!) to develop relationally and intentionally. Many people self-organize into Coffee Clubs, but if you would like some help finding a Coffee Club to grow together with, we'd love to lend a hand! 

Pop-up Groups:

A pop-up group is a short-term group created for a specific season. It will run for a set length of time and then stop.
examples. A marriage study, lasting 8 weeks. or Alpha 10 week study.
When each pop-up group is completed, some individuals may want to continue meeting with members. At that time, they can create their own small group or coffee club. 


Small Groups: 

Small groups are groups that run throughout the year. These groups are often made up of friends or individuals who care for each other. They learn, grow and study God's word together. 


Common Interest Groups: 

They say that the average person who accepts Jesus as their savior was in contact with seven Christians.  With that in mind, we encourage common interest groups. It is a group of individuals in the church who share a common interest such as a hobby.  They then non- christian friends with the same interest into the group so that as a whole the group becomes missional through the building of relationships. 

 1. Check out available groups HERE 

2. Want help finding a group? Click HERE




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