Spiritual life and growth need intentionality and close relationships! 

If your goal is to be a healthier and more fruitful disciple of Jesus, you need to go deeper (all of us do!). Coffee Clubs are designed to help! 
Coffee Clubs are small, small groups that allow for deeper conversation, connection, and growth. "Small" small groups (of 3) are prime environments for Discipleship, Nurturing & Accountability (DNA!) to develop relationally and intentionally. Many people self-organize into Coffee Clubs, but if you would like some help finding a Coffee Club to grow together with, we'd love to lend a hand! 

Week 5: Discussion Questions for 1 Peter Series

Personally ( Coffee Club Prep)

Read 1 Peter one last time. In your own words write a sentence or paragraph to summarize the book.

Coffee Club ( Discussion Guide)

  1.  What spoke to you as your read 1Pster this week? How would you summarize the book?

  2. What intimidates you about the idea of being a missionary ( or a witness) in your neighborhood, workplace, school, ( or wherever your local mission field is)?

  3. How does 1 Peter speak to those feelings? fears and concerns? 

  4. Who are the people that you could potentially be "on mission" together within your mission field? What could it look like for your + those other believers to share in a small group with a common mission? 

  5. Check-in with each other ( "how are you really doing?") and pray for each other. also, pray for the potential of teaming up with others in the future to share in community and common mission. 


If you would like help being placed in a Coffee Club click HERE




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