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My boys were introduced to Star Wars at a young age. They loved it. And I enjoyed witnessing their delight grow with each episode in the original trilogy. Naturally, they had a lot of questions, but as a patient Jedi-master, I answered them and helped them see how the details fit into the bigger picture. 
We will often watch the original trilogy together around Christmas each year. Something happened around five years ago. The boys started pointing out details I hadn't ever seen. They uncovered elements of the storyline I had missed completely. It became clear their Star Wars knowledge had now (vastly) surpassed mine. 
I was proud. 
I know it's a silly example, but it still serves to point to the fact that, for most parents, a delight is found in knowing that our children surpass us in as many ways as possible in life. 
I think this desire to see those who come after us do well has been placed in us by God. 
In John 14.12, Jesus says, "Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these."
No, obviously, Jesus is not suggesting that His followers will surpass Him in any way. But He is foreseeing that the movement He initiated individually will be multiplied widely through His followers in tremendous ways. 
God's holy work of multiplication is still seen today in families, disciples, and church leadership. In fact, healthy and strong organizations of all kinds (not just churches) rely on being able to multiply efforts well. 
The book "Hero Maker" by Dave Ferguson & Warren Bird proposes essential practices for leaders that multiply leaders and has been a helpful resource to me in my own ongoing pastoral development. In one chapter they outline five simple steps in apprenticing or multiplying leadership through someone. Maybe you've seen or heard something similar too. It goes like this: 

  1. I do. You watch. We talk.
  2. I do. You help. We talk.
  3. You do. I help. We talk.
  4. You do. I watch. We talk. 
  5. And, to multiply a movement even further: You do. Someone else watches. You talk together. 

We are so thrilled as a church to have Pastor Clay and Chantiel here with us now! Clay is well into his orientation on our staff and has already been involved in several youth events, connecting with many students, and has already brought a wonderful message to us on Sunday, July 31. (Oh how I wish my first ever message went that well 19 years ago!)
I want to take a moment to outline for you our approach in this season of transitioning youth ministry from Pastor Trevor to Pastor Clay. We want Pastor Clay to have the opportunity to benefit from a strong start. Additionally, this season of transition affords both Pastor Clay and Pastor Trevor to prepare for re-launches of their respective areas of ministry in the new year. I meet weekly with each of our pastoral staff and also weekly with the whole staff and look forward to working this out together this Fall.
Youth Ministry Transition Process: 
August - October  Trevor Leads / Clay Helps / They Debrief. 
November        Clay Leads / Trevor Helps / They Debrief. 
December        Clay Leads / Trevor Watches / They Debrief. 
January           Pastor Clay re-launches Youth Ministry!
                  Pastor Trevor re-launches Kids Ministry! 
Once January arrives, we anticipate that Pastor Trevor will be able to give his full-time focus to Family Ministries by serving children and parents. And although he will no longer be involved in our youth ministry, he will continue to meet regularly with Pastor Clay to offer his supportive, encouraging, and collaborative giftings. 
I know that Pastor Clay is excited for January, and for now! He is excited to get to know our students, serve alongside Pastor Trevor, learn, and prepare for an exciting new launch in 2023. And I know Pastor Trevor is excited for January, and for now, too! He is excited to serve, support, and release Pastor Clay. And, he has been meeting with one of Canada's best Children's Pastors to glean ministry insights that will help him prepare for an exciting new Kids Ministry launch in 2023. 
Greater things are ahead for both Kids & Youth Ministries at CPC! 
As one great leader said, "always in motion is the future"  
Pastor Mike