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If I asked you what the most important and powerful word in the world is, what would you suggest? I'll give you a moment to think about it.... .... .... .... I remember hearing that very question addressed in one of the most impacting messages I've ever heard preached. I remember the preacher describing the time and thought given to considering what the most important and powerful word in the world might be. I remember him offering his children money if they could guess the word that he found to be so absolutely potent, so compelling it could actually transform nations. After MANY attempts, his children gave up and he got to keep his money and share his answer with them. And after keeping me and the congregation I was part of on the edge of our seats long enough, he finally delivered the word he felt could totally revolutionize the world: Others. Was 'others' on your list? It wasn't on mine. But, when we think about it, that preacher may have truly been on to something significant. Human nature, unfortunately, is inclined to think of self first. Even good deeds can be seasoned with subtle self-oriented motives (sometimes we love because we enjoy how it feels to be loved in return, for example.) At Christmas, we are reminded that Jesus came and demonstrated the kinds of things life devoted to 'others' could accomplish. 

This Christmas at CPC, I want to ask you to consider 'others.'

  1. This coming Sunday we will be giving in a Christmas Outreach Offering. Imagine a group of healthcare workers receiving a gift from us, feeling blessed and appreciated and thinking "wow, that church cares about others." 
  2. I am asking every household to "Make a Miracle on Your Street" this Christmas. Is there a sweet senior (or even an ornery one!) that are in need of help or a single mom that could use help to make this Christmas special for her kids? Maybe there's a family on your street that is doing 'just fine thanks' that you could still get creative in blessing. The goal is to make a miracle occur on your street. Caring for 'others' is the way of Christ! 
  3. Keep sharing the Advent Videos Online. 'Others' are getting real life stories tied to Christmas and gospel themes. To date, the first two videos have over 3,500 views online (wow!) and I have heard about people who don't know Jesus yet who have been touched by them. We filmed the third video this morning and I look forward to sharing it with you this Sunday! 

For God's glory and the sake of others,
Pastor Mike