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Disappointed. Totally crushed, actually. 
That's how I felt that day in grade 9 when I went to the bulletin board to see if the memo announcing the members of the Jr High Basketball Team included my name. 
It didn't. 
After weeks of tryouts and giving my best effort, the coaches informed the group of us hopefuls that the final cuts would be made, and the team would be announced the next morning. 
I barely slept that night. I kept dreaming of walking down the school hall to the bulletin board to look to see if I made the team. I dreamt it over and over (and over!) again that night...often waking up just before seeing if my name was or wasn't on the team list. 
Why did this matter so much to me? 
Well, I wanted to be part of the team. I didn't want to be a fan in the stands. I wanted to be involved. I wanted to contribute.
Part of the thrill for many people in team sports is, well, simply the sense of team. Why? Because gaining results together matters. It's often much more satisfying than an individual accomplishment. 
This Sunday is Vision Sunday for our church family! 
One of the things I am most pleased with is the sense of team throughout our two-year vision discovery process. This hasn't been a solo effort by a particular member of our staff, board, or congregation. The engagement has been wide. Participation in the process has included people in CPC of all ages, and people from a robust cross-section of demographics and groups. 
We have been seeking God for vision.
We have been meeting together.
We have been voicing input. 
We have been praying. 
Part of my job has been to host conversations, prayer gatherings, and other environments for learning where I could listen to everyone's input and take notes. I suspect over 200 people have spoken into this process over the past two years. 
Some of the ways we have had participation and gathered input include:

  1. Fall 2020 Town Hall - Discussion Groups
  2. February 2021 AGM - Discussion Groups
  3. Life Group Leaders Summit 
  4. Missions Committee Input 
  5. Care & Benevolence Team Input
  6. Staff SWOT Evaluation
  7. Leadership Council SWOT Evaluation
  8. Elders - Generation Night Discussion 
  9. Boomers - Generation Night Discussion
  10. Gen X - Generation Night Discussion
  11. Millennials - Generation Night Discussion
  12. Gen Z (Teens) - Generation Night Discussion
  13. Gen Z (Children) - Generation Night Discussion
  14. 2017 Congregational Survey
  15. 2019 Congregational Survey
  16. 2021 Congregational Survey
  17. 2022 Congregational Survey 
  18. Fall 2021 Town Hall - Discussion Groups
  19. February 2022 AGM - Discussion Groups
  20. 2021 & 2022 Congregational Prayer Priority
  21. Coaching from a Consultant 
  22. Resource: "Saturate" Book 
  23. Pastoral Prayer Retreats 2021 & 2022 
  24. Leadership Council Vision Retreat 2022 
  25. Staff Prayer & Planning Retreat 2022 

Through this process a handful of exciting and important concepts and words began rising with compelling clarity. Every organization needs to understand why it exists and what matters most to it. 
This is what we're going to celebrate this Sunday. I hope you won't miss out! 
By the way, after not making that Jr High Basketball Team, there was a surprising turn of events and a week later the coaches asked if I could join the team. 
No more "fan in the stands" for me. I got to get into the game and be involved. 
Thanks for participating in our vision process. The vision God is giving our church has room for everyone to be on the team and get involved in the game. 
See you Sunday! 
Pastor Mike