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Do you want to get well?

This question seems like a no-brainer to me, am I right? We all dislike not feeling 100%. 

Who asked this question in the bible? The first one who answers via email receives a prize. Email me at

The answer to this question is JESUS!! John 5 has this beautiful conversation between Jesus and an individual at the pool.

Now this pool looked quite a bit different than the pools that you and I are used to. John 5 describes the poolside as filled with individuals that were blind, lame, and paralyzed, they were outcasts. They were at the pool because they believed that they could be healed there. This man that Jesus was talking to had been there for 38 years?! Can you imagine being in the same spot for 38 years? Jesus being the ultimate discussion starter starts his discussion with this man who had been sick for 38 years with, “Do you want to get well?” The man’s reply was a bit surprising, “Well, I have been here for 38 years so of course I want to get well.” But this man, not realizing who he was talking to, started to come up with excuses like “I have no one to pick me up and place me in the water when the bubbles come up.” and “someone always gets there before me.” See, after 38 years, this man’s sickness and ailments had become a way of life, he didn’t have hope that he could be healed, all he had was excuses. To him, his situation looked hopeless. 

Have you ever had moments of hopelessness?

Sad to say, over the last few years, I have had moments in life where I have felt hopeless and alone, to the point of having to take a break and rest, spend more time with family, meet with good friends, and even a counselor. No matter who you are, we will all have moments in life when we feel hopeless. I encourage you, if that’s you today, to reach out and talk to someone, seek guidance and help. Send me a message, I’d love to chat and pray with you. 

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Let’s get back to Jesus and this man. After the man shares his excuses, Jesus tells this man 8 words that change his life forever, “stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!” This man was instantly healed!!!

This is a great example that no matter where we are in life, Jesus can minister to our hearts and our needs. Try not to let hardship and pain cause you to lose hope because Jesus cares for you, and your friends and church care for you.

Over my much-needed break, there were a few things that helped me during my times of hopelessness. 

  1. Jesus
  2. Family
  3. Rest
  4. Close Friends
  5. Church family who showed care and compassion, thank you so much for all the letters and messages and to those who invited me out for a meal or coffee.

In Christ,

Pastor Trevor, 
Family Pastor