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Utterly meaningless - EVERYTHING is utterly meaningless. Interesting way for a book of the Bible to launch, isn't it? A bit bleak, if you ask me. 

I was meeting with a teen from our church yesterday and they said, "I was struggling to read my way through the bible, but when I came to Ecclesiastes I was like, 'Finally, something that is honest about life!'"

So, what exactly is the message of Ecclesiastes?
Can we actually make sense its swirling themes and thoughts? 
And what do we do with all the contradictions - not just within itself, but with the rest of the bible? 

These are the kind of things we will discover in the new series we are beginning this Sunday called, "Don't Sell Your Soul to the Hevel." In fact, Ecclesiastes helps us to not only consider if life actually matters, but it also brings several invisible idolatries that you and I commonly struggle with (if we're honest!) to our attention.  

I think you could find a greater purpose in life because of Ecclesiastes! And, I also think you could find yourself even closer to Jesus because of it. 

Maybe you know of a friend, neighbour or co-worker who is contemplating the meaning (and frustrations!) of life. Perhaps they'd want to join you in this journey? You could send them this link or post it on your social media sometime before Sunday.

In the meantime, I invite you to begin reading through Ecclesiastes. It's best read in large portions, if you happen to be able to make that approach work. And go ahead, ponder the hard questions as you read it! 

This is going to be fun.

Pastor Mike