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I'm fasting from fasting. 
Ok, well, I'm not. But it is something I quip from time to time -- probably in the 'unsuccessfully funny dad joke' category.
The season that approaches Easter Sunday is called Lent by many Christians. It is usually churches with a strong liturgical history that observe Lent most seriously and do so by taking on fasts of various kinds leading up to Easter. The idea of a fast is to abstain from something in order to give greater focus to something or to prepare for something. There may even be some people in our church family who are engaging in a Lenten fast. It can be a meaningful spiritual discipline. 
It is likely, though, that most of us are not observing Lent in a structured way. This doesn't mean we can't give consideration to how to prepare for Easter, though. 
Easter is the most important date on the calendar for Christians.
Why is that? 
Some may think that Christmas is. However, as wonderful as the message of Christmas is by signaling that God came as close as possible to human suffering and pain through His incarnation, it is Easter that tells us that against all odds miraculous and everlasting change is possible. 
Easter tells us that there is hope for every person and every circumstance. 
Because if Jesus of Nazareth actually died and then actually came alive again it means that the worst, the most final, and the most impossible of enemies - death - has been overthrown. And if the grip and powers of sin and death have been utterly defeated by the cross and the resurrection, what is there that cannot be overcome by Jesus? 
So, how could you prepare for Easter? 

  • Consider bleak circumstances you are aware of. Don't dwell on them, but do anticipate that Easter signals a promise from God that His victory can reach that situation too. 
  • Begin praying for trust in God's good news and its implications to grow in your heart. 
  • Begin praying for this same good news to help people that haven't heard it yet. 
  • Being planning to celebrate Easter! Throw a party? Get together with family or friends? Eat a most special meal in honor of what Jesus has done. The best Christian parties should be around Easter. 

On a practical note, there is one different thing our church is preparing for this Easter. Due to ongoing growth (especially in our first service), this year we are planning on offering two identical services on Easter Sunday. This means that both the 9 & 11 am services will have the same worship teams, and also both will offer children's ministry. We have been approaching 'full' in the 9 am service on a few occasions recently and we need to make room on Easter Sunday for everyone who wishes to worship together with us. Between services, we will enjoy churros again together. Mmmm. 
Might be a nice way for some to break a fast. 
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy, he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." 1 Peter 1.3
Let's prepare for Easter! 
Pastor Mike