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For Children and Teens to Love Reading the Bible 

It's the year 2024, you're in grade seven and you just got home from school where you were forced to read and write for hours on hours. You finally sit down and look for something to do, you can always go play with friends, you can play on your PlayStation, you can watch Netflix, or you can grab the iPad. For many you get Netflix on the TV, youtube on the iPad all while you're playing on the PlayStation, 3 screens at once. 

Teenagers on average in 2024 are spending 7 hours and 22 minutes on screens consuming content, sadly this number is not much different for children. This average would equate to 43 percent of their time while awake is consuming digital content. Teenagers and children are hungry for stimulation, more than ever. They have become comfortable with overstimulation, for the most part, they love it. 

In a world where this is the reality for children and teenagers, it seems impossible that they would be passionately excited to sit in silence and read an old book that they might have to work through slowly to understand, it would take a miracle for that to happen. Well, it's a good thing that Jesus is a miracle worker. 

If we need a miracle, let's ask for one. Our church's 4th prayer priority in 2024 is for children and teens to love reading the Bible. The Bible is the living word of God that will change the lives of those reading it. I was a teenager not long ago who sat there with the TV on, the YouTube playing, the video games going, all while on the phone with friends. Maybe this still happens sometimes….  I also don't love reading, yet Jesus is a miracle worker. Sitting in silence in God's word is entertaining, and stimulating for me. Imagine what the next generation would look like if they spent their child and teenage years in the word of God. I know it would be wonderful. 

Recent statistics actually show for teenagers that reading the Bible once a week, twice a week or three times a week actually has the same results as those who read zero times a week. For whatever reason once they hit the four times a week mark, the results are incredible. Reading the Bible four times a week can be correlated with an increase in mental health at a great margin. If children can build these habits it will be much easier as they hit the teenage years.

Please join us in praying for children and teens to love reading the Bible. If you know any children or teens who do not have a Bible and you want them to have one Please reach out to me or Pastor Trevor, we will make it happen. 

Sincerely, Pastor Clay