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Dearly Beloved,

Over the last few weeks, I have been going over this great book called “Gen Z” by the Barna Research Group. This book helps its readers to better understand how Gen Z as a whole sees the world around them. To those that are unaware, Gen Z refers to a generation that is born from 1995-2009 and are known for being screenagers, their worldview is Post-Christian, they are very inclusive and diverse.

I want to share an excerpt from the book that I believe you will find interesting in regards to stats abut engaged Christian Parents and their spiritual disciplines in their house. It says that 89% attend church together, 55% pray together, 45% read/discuss the Bible, 44% volunteer/serve with a ministry and 4% none of the above.

So how do these 4 spiritual disciplines look like in your house? Here are some ways we can increase faith discussions in your house during the Christmas season…

•      Create a season of anticipation and excitement around Christ’s coming this season

•      There are Advent Bible reading/video plans for your family on the Bible App

•      Read the Christmas story together and celebrate the birth of our Savior

•      Every Christmas season my mother baked a birthday cake for Jesus

•      Watch Church services online as a family, discuss the key points

•      Share our church’s advent videos to your family, friends, neighbours, etc. Dakota’s story on overcoming anxiety was so encouraging. Ask God in your quiet time, “Who needs encouraging today?”

•      Find a way to serve others

•      Go through your clothes or food hamper and donate to the local food bank

•      Bake treats for your neighbour

•      Pray as a family on who you can be a blessing to this season

•      Help provide a miracle on your street

Thank you for reading! Praying for you this season!

Pastor Trevor