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Have you ever tried to fit through a dog door?

Less than 2 years ago Kim and I became proud owners of a part dachshund/black lab puppy, who we eventually named Wally. Yes, you read that right, only God knows how the creation of Wally happened. After 2 years, Wally has now become a well-known part of our neighborhood. Wally had made such a huge impact on our closest neighbour George and his dog Reilly, that I was asked if it was alright to put a Wally-sized hole in the fence so our dog could visit them anytime. A DOG DOOR!! I’m very thankful for my friend George, it is like having my parents next door, he is one of the kindest and most gifted neighbors a guy could ask for.

Our church’s 2nd prayer priority in ’24 is to pray for those people of your local mission field by name. Over the last 2 years of us living in our cul-de-sac, I have been praying for meaningful relationships and friendships and I believe I’m finding that in my neighborhood. That I would be the hands and feet of Jesus at Brooklyn Place. After getting to know George and him getting to know me, he mentioned that he knew some of the same people that I know.  In saying this, one of our church's core values is 3 cups of tea and 6 other friends. In other words, we value relational witness. The best way to share about Jesus is to do it through your friendships. In some Asian cultures, it is said that it takes 3 cups of tea to get to know someone.  My friend George mentioned that he knows 2-3 people in our church, so in doing the math, I need 3-4 more Jesus-loving people to come into his life.  Is anybody up for a backyard BBQ?  I encourage you to pray for your neighbors, colleagues, and friends by name, that Jesus could work through you.

“The harvest is plentiful. Go! I am sending you.” Luke 10:2-3

Praying for you

Pastor Trevor.