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I remember witnessing Laura give birth to our first child (and second, third, and fourth!). After beholding the sheer strength, determination, struggle, and sacrifice exhibited --and then the new stores of nurture and love activated immediately upon delivery-- I was in awe. Not only did I seriously doubt if I had what it takes if I could ever deliver a baby if that were somehow made possible, I couldn't understand why Mother's Day was only marked once a year. 

Mother's are heroes. 

All women are. 

I firmly believe in seeing mother's honoured on Mother's Day. AND, I firmly believe in seeing ALL WOMEN honoured this day as well. 

God's work of freeing His people from oppression is best known in the book of Exodus. Echoes of that story and the deliverance theme are woven throughout the rest of the Bible. 

Right from the get-go (Exodus 1 & 2), look who is thwarting evil Pharaoh and critical to the rescue of God's people:

  • Hebrew Mothers
  • Hebrew Midwives
  • Moses' Mother
  • Moses' Sister
  • even Pharaoh's Daughter! 
In the midst of ancient cultures that demeaned and dishonoured women, God -our God, the God of the Bible- is elevating and honouring women. 

Not only is my wife and my mom special on Mother's Day. Every woman is. Old, young, single, married, mother, not-a-mother. Every woman is honoured by God, and to be honoured by all. 

To every woman reading this today:
Thank you for reflecting God to our world so powerfully.
Thank you for being used by God so vitally in God's ongoing work of rescuing His people. 

While our Dark Chocolate Drive Through this Sunday is for Mother's Day, it is for every woman. Mother or not, old and young, I hope Laura and I will get to see many of you! 

Pastor Mike