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I doubt the Bible….

I am thankful for the living word of God through scripture, and I am thankful for my faith and relationship with Jesus. Like everyone else, there are moments in life when doubt and questions can creep in. I am here to encourage you, this is ok and actually, a good thing as long as you handle it properly. 

I shared a story at the youth of a friend who was worshiping with his whole heart at one of our youth nights when I was a student, his hands raised high swaying back and forth singing loud. His passionate singing quickly turned to aggressive course words as he fell to the ground. We spent the rest of the youth night encouraging him to walk it off, stretch it out, all sorts of great medical advice from us 14-year-olds. He ended up going to the hospital that night, his kneecap had dislocated and fractured as well as a torn ACL, MCL, all from standing still worshiping and then just falling over.

I taught the youth about Thomas and how someone who lived closely with Jesus and saw the miracles he performed still doubted Jesus, so why do we expect ourselves to never doubt? Of course, we are going to have questions and doubts at times, but it's healthy to question things. The number one reason young people leave the church is silence, they don't dialogue and do the dirty work with their questions and doubts.

The reason I mentioned my story with the friend is that it's a story that is hard to believe, and we were telling him to just walk it off and ignore it, but no healing came until he did the hard stuff, hospital visits, surgery, rehab. When we as believers start to doubt we want to just “walk it off”, ignore it and forget about it. We can't ignore our doubts, we have to do the dirty work of talking with others and questioning things and be open about our doubts. 

Jesus is loving and alive, there are no answers to your questions that will shake those two truths, do not be afraid of the answers to your questions, seek God always.

Pastor Clay Wilson