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I have a confession: I have a favourite child. 
Please don't let my kids see this Dearly Beloved, ok? Just keep what I'm about to say to yourself and don't tell them. 
Ok, I'm pretty sure most of you have two compelling feelings right now. 
Why curiosity? 
Well, because could Pastor Mike really have a favourite child?! (Which one?!) How can a person say this!? 
Why fury? Because most of you know immediately how wrong it would be for a parent to value their children differently and favour one above the others. And why to most of you know that immediately? Because you have a core value deep within you called "127." Or, in other words, you believe that regardless of behaviour people have an inherent worth.
In CPC, we call this "127" because Genesis 1.27 says that all people were created in the image of God. 
We value people. 
God reaffirms his value of people by sending Jesus to die for ALL people, to provide forgiveness for ALL people, and to give the opportunity for life abundant and everlasting to ALL people. 
This is why we want to grow in seeing people (even the difficult ones) as God sees them. This is why we want to grow in important things like hospitality, diversity, inclusivity, equality, and loving well, even when people don't see things the way we do. This is why we believe in respect and dignity. This way we value the first heartbeats of a life all the way through to the very final one. This is why every one of your neighbours (yes, the cranky one too), or co-workers (yes, even the frustrating one), or classmates (yes, the annoying one too) matter so much. This is why the most broken, most hopeless, and most impoverished people in the Comox Valley matter. This is why, the most wealthy, most affluent, and most 'put-together' people in the Comox Valley matter too. This is why every effort given volunteering in our church or serving in our community matters. This is why every dollar given toward God's cause on earth through the church matters. 
And, yes, this is why no parent should have a favourite child. 
You can relax now, I DO NOT have a favourite child. I just needed to stir up some curiosity and fury in you. 
Pastor Mike