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Did I ever tell you that I won the Stanley Cup?

I’ll set the scene for you…. It was in the early ’90s, that our church, Vanderhoof Glad Tidings Church was hosting a Summer weeklong Daycamp!!! I loved day camps, they always had sweet prizes, sang fun kids' songs, had puppet shows, fun teaching, crafts, and great snacks.

I remember the day like it was yesterday walking into the sanctuary and there it was, “the Stanley Cup.” To me, it stood 4 feet tall but in reality, it stood about 5-6 inches. It was in the back row of all the prizes and it looked like a light was shining down on it (probably a glare) but it looked like Heaven was shining down on it just for me.

That Stanley Cup was mine. Ironically, the theme of the week was 2nd Timothy 4:7-8, which quickly became my favorite scripture. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have remained faithful. And now the prize awaits me - The crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me on the day of his return, And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to his appearing.”  I was going to fight the good fight and finish that week to win that prize. I was going to learn the memory verse each day, I was going to invite my friends, I was going to be well behaved…for once… I was going to finish the week (race) with a victory and hoist the Stanley Cup over my head no matter what it took. And guess what? Read the ending of this letter to find out the rest!

The International Bible Society indicated that 83% of all Christians make their first commitment to Jesus between the ages of 4-14. Surveys done by Barna Research Group indicate that children aged 5-13 have a 32% probability of accepting Jesus, youth aged 14-18 have a 14% probability and those over the age of 19 have a 6% probability. What does this say? Reaching the next generation is so important to the life of our church, our neighborhoods, and this community.

I am a bi-product of this, my mother who grew up in New Westminster and was invited to a kids ministry and it was there she grew up in the church, and her parents followed. It was there at Connaught Heights Church, my mother grew up in the church eventually being called to go into ministry and attend Bible College, where she met my dad, and the rest is history. For my mother, like so many, faith in Jesus started with attending a summer day camp (VBS) or attending an exciting church kids ministry.

We have the potential of creating some history for God’s kingdom here at Comox Pentecostal Church. This summer we will be hosting a summer day camp for the community. Pending on how many volunteers sign up, depends on how many kids we can accept to attend. In saying this, I would love to have over 80 kids attend, but for this to happen we would need…

        • 8 Adult Group Leaders
        • 8 Jr Group Leaders (teenagers)
        • 1-4 Bible Teachers
        • 1-4 Object Lesson Teachers
        • 2-3 Games Leaders
        • 2-3 Registration Team  
        • 2-3 Media and Sound Team
        • 2-3 Snack Team
        • 4-5 Decorating Team
        • 1-2 Shopping and Prep Team
        • 1-2 MC Team 

This Sunday after the 1st service, there will be a day camp informational meeting, my hope is that we pack out the Fellowship Hall. Who’s with me? The dates are set, so set the date in your calendar for August 2-5.

Please pray for:

  • The harvest, it is plentiful!
  • Volunteers
  • Who you can invite? (Grandkids, neighborhood kids, etc)

In Christ,

Pastor Trevor