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It's okay to not change….

I graduated college in the spring of 2022, so not being a student is still fresh for me. This is the time of year when I would head back to school just as I did for 17 years, but these last two years I have had to get used to not going back. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to be done with school (it's not my favorite) but I do miss the markers. When I say "markers" I'm referring to the end dates not those who marked my tests... All of those "end dates" come so soon when you're a student, in 3-month courses, 4-month summer job, it’s easy to do things when you're looking at the finish line. Once you're out of school it can feel like there are no more finish lines and life can catch you and we can lack inspiration and motivation as time passes much faster. 

This time of year I love to pray and encourage all those going back to school in the fall or starting something new, or all the amazing teachers and childcare workers who pour into the lives of young people. I am realizing that those who are not experiencing change need prayer as well, change is scary but doing the same thing can be even scarier at times.

There are lots of people who struggle with the idea of doing the same thing over again, “same old same old”. This idea of “same old, same old” can be thought of negatively. If you feel like God is leading you to something new or some change, listen to him! This encouragement is for those who feel God is keeping you somewhere or in something, time and consistency can produce great fruit and there is no way to cheat that, there are certain things that truly only come with time. Being in the same place for a longer period of time is an amazing thing that not many can accomplish, and younger people like me really look up to those who have been consistent and long-lasting, especially in CPC, we have a name tag Sunday coming soon and I can't wait to see who’s been around the longest. 

This idea that once school is over and we are engulfed in adulthood the only finish line is what? Death? Of course not, entering adulthood is the start of so many special races with varying finish lines and goals to accomplish, thank God for where you are and ask him to use you in the best way possible.

Enjoy where God has placed you in life, he has a plan for you!

Clayton Wilson