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Do you ever wish you were a kid again? I do, all the time!

Imagine a life without paying mortgage payments, car payments, insurance, astronomical food and gas costs. I have to say,  over the last few years I have dealt with a bit of jealousy because as my kids have lived at home, they have accumulated a pretty nice bank account. No rent, no buying food, no phone payments, no rent, and the list goes on.


Man, what it would be like to be a kid again……


I loved being a kid.  I loved my memories of our family trips, sports, etc. Also, a lot of my good memories involved church. Our family did church together, something that Kim and I have tried to instill in our kids. I loved VBS, the acronym for Vacation Bible School. I loved going to a week-long camp just for my age. It had fun games, amazing food, cool PRIZES, and great stories. A ton of kids that I didn’t know showed up, an extrovert's dream. The 2 best things about these camps were the environment and that it was the place where I encountered Jesus!


On Oct 27-28, our church is putting on a... 

WEEKEND CAMP for KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I can’t wait! This year's theme is called “Pets Unleashed,” Where Jesus Cares FUR You! 

 We have a special group of volunteers priming up for the event of the fall.  We want you to sign up your kids, neighborhood kids, grandkids, and your kid’s friends because we want to teach them about Jesus and that he CARES FUR YOU and THEM!!

Here’s a quick look at the schedule….

It all starts on Friday, October 27th from 5-8pm. (Please make sure your kids eat before.)

On Saturday, October 28th we will be starting at 9 am-12 pm. But at 12:10-1220pm, we will be having a pet show outside, where you get to show off your pet! WOOOOOOT! You can register your kids HERE


I can’t wait to bring Wally!!!!

In Christ,
Pastor Trevor