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Jesus has an English accent.  
At least that's what some of the older movies made it seem like. 
While we know God knows every language, have you ever wondered what God's 'native tongue' might be? I don't have an answer for you on that. But I do want to propose to you that God's language is love. 
1 John 4.8 says, "God is love." 
God defines love and is the source of all true love. 
In 1992 Gary Chapman wrote a defining Christian book on relationships called "The 5 Love Languages." Most of us would be familiar with his concept of there being five primary ways people give and receive love, with usually one or two being especially meaningful to each unique person. 
While Chapman's book is on human relationships with each other, the idea of giving meaningful love is also essential to our relationship with God and our worship. Our present study in the book of Revelation seems to remind us often of how high a priority worship is! 
Have you ever pondered how you can love God with the five love languages? Let's explore this a little. 
Quality Time 
  • We know that God is always present with us, but what does it mean for you to be present with God? 
  • What could it look like to give a dedicated portion of your time today or next week to God?
  • What could you do so that this devoted time could feel focused and free of distractions?
Words of Affirmation
  • Sure we sing songs on Sunday or around home during the week, but what could you do to give some fresh and original words just from your heart to God?
  • Perhaps you could write a creative piece, a story, or a poem. Or, maybe try writing a prayer or writing a list of 10 or 50 things you find wonderful about Jesus. 
Physical Touch 
  • At first glance this might seem difficult because "is God physically present with us?" Well, no, and yes! Where is Christ's body right now? 
  • The Bible makes it clear that how we love others is a significant part of how we love God. 
  • Who could use your time, presence, listening ear, or words of encouragement today? 
Acts of Service 
  • Don't you think that helping one of your neighbours, co-workers, or someone you're getting to know through a hobby -God's lost children, our local mission field right here in the Comox Valley- is an act of service unto God?
  • And, obviously, serving in our CPC church family is worship to God, too! I am amazed at the fact that we have more than 150 people (and growing) who serve in the life of our church regularly and in a variety of ways. Wow! Every big and little way you help in CPC is part of your worship of Jesus! 
  • When someone's love language is receiving gifts it means that gifts help them feel thought of and known. 
  • When we give to God we consider what matters most to God and then give accordingly. 
  • Do God's purposes on Earth right now matter to Him? Absolutely! He's paid with His own blood to express His message to our world. When we give towards God's purposes through our church, that matters to Him! When we give towards God's purposes around the world (missions), that matters to Him! 
Reflect for a moment on the five love languages. What is one thing you could do today as part of your worship of Jesus? What's something you could do next week? 
Let's love Jesus well! It's our highest priority! 
Pastor Mike