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What's 1x4? 
It's four. 
What's 2x4? 8
What's 3x4? 12
What's 4x4? A TRUCK. 
Please forgive sad attempt at humour. Dad jokes, eh? 
This does bring up the important subject of multiplication. 
We are in the middle of profiling one of our 2024 Prayer Priorities each week and our third prayer priority for this year is: for the Multiplication of God's work in CPC
Multiplication is an important concept. 
Not everything that multiplies is healthy. Think: cancer. And when something that is intended to multiply doesn't, it is a signal that something isn't healthy. Often, one of the signs that something is healthy is that it multiplies. 
We see God's heart for the multiplication of His good purposes throughout scripture. 
Early in Genesis we read that God blessed people and then gave them the mandate to "be fruitful and multiply." (1.28) This means so much more than procreation. This is about extending (multiplying!) the blessing of God around the world through His family of faith. 
In spite of the fall of mankind, God is relentless in His purpose of reaching toward humanity with love, truth, relationship and blessing. A few chapters later in Genesis we read of God intending to bless (barren) Abraham and Sarah and miraculously cause them to multiply His blessing toward everyone, everywhere. 
This work continues in and through Jesus and is extended through His church in the great commission to "go and make disciples of all nations." 
In 2 Timothy 2 we find Paul giving instructions about the multiplication of God's work in the early church to the young pastor, Timothy, "the things you've heard me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." (2.2) 
Would you join Laura, our church leadership and I in praying for the multiplication of God's work in CPC this year? 
Let's pray for a surge of realization within our church family that every attender is called to be a minister too.
Let's pray for the integration of newcomers onto volunteer teams.
Let's pray for an increase of volunteers willing to become leaders.
And, let's pray for the growth occurring in CPC to result in reaching even more people with the message & ministry of Jesus here in the Comox Valley! 
And, let's go 4x4'ing 
Pastor Mike