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Dearly Beloved,

Do you remember the days of lime green curtains, orange shag carpet and lavender coloured porcelain in our bathrooms? I don’t. It was before my time. ;)


I do remember that kitchen wallpaper that had a white goose and a wicker basket and tiny light pink and blue flowers, and peach sponge painted walls, ‘forest green’ wainscotting and burgundy bathrooms! Those days were the 80’s and 90’s and I remember those days fondly, well…the decor, not so much. 


Recently, I was at a small gathering with some women and we got to chatting about and recalling the decades and all the design styles and cycles that have come and - thankfully! - gone. I did not grow up at Comox Pentecostal Church. But, the church that I did grow up in must have had the exact same building designer because it was literally a macro-version of CPC with the white spackled walls, brown carpet and orange fabric pews (which were quite comfortable, if I may add, to sleep on as a pastor’s kid who spent countless hours at church!). As much as I loved a good nap on those pews as a child, I can’t say I miss them!


The 5th and final of our prayer priorities for 2024 is: for Provision for Building Development. Throughout the years we have been extremely blessed by the Lord’s provision, leaders with a vision to steward our building, and incredible volunteers who have given their time, giftings and resources to see our building updated and maintained. 


Matthew 16:18 says, “...upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail.” This is an intriguing passage because it comes on the heels of Jesus assigning Simon Peter his name that means ‘rock’ - so was Jesus saying that He would build His Church on Peter? Well, sort of, but also not really. Peter’s name in greek is petros. And the word Jesus uses for ‘rock’ in the latter part of the verse is petra. This verse looks, then, like this: “Now I say to you that you are petro, and upon this petra I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail.” I think Jesus was being a little clever and using a play on words here! What a guy. 


You see, Jesus blesses Peter in this way right after He had asked Peter who he thinks Jesus is. Peter responded by declaring that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. What an interesting thing to say to the guy who would then (in the SAME chapter even!) have Jesus saying, “get behind me Satan!” and then go on to deny Christ. Jesus was assigning Peter the truth about his identity in this verse when he names him ‘rock’ because ol’ buddy Pete was gonna need to cling to that in the coming verses and chapters. But make no mistake, in this verse Jesus was also declaring that HE is the foundation of the church. He is the stepping stone, the cornerstone, the firm foundation. Jesus was and is continuing to build His Church! 


That seems like an exciting thing to pray into. So, why are we praying about a building? Well, because as Jesus continues to build His church, we have been assigned the privilege of doing that with Him. And as people continue to find deep and meaningful relationships with Jesus as we partner with Him in reaching the lost, having a place where we can come together and celebrate, gather for ministry and worship, raise up disciples through classes and groups, and where our kids and youth can have fun and grow in the Way of Christ becomes a fairly high priority! Doesn’t it? We all know that church isn't a building, it is the people of God gathered for worship & equipping and scattered for mission. But we are a church with a building and property and that comes with great blessing and opportunity. 


This year continues to be vital in our planning for our building development and future. We care deeply about bringing the message and ministry of Jesus into everyday life here in the Comox Valley. We care deeply about partnering with Jesus as He builds His Church. And as we have the thrill of seeing the fruit of this in our growth as a church family, we must continue to pray for great insight and wisdom from Heaven on how to maintain, repair, build, and develop this awesome property and space we have been given so that it serves God's purposes here well for generations to come. 


Will you join us in praying for Heavenly provision over our building development priorities? While we don't yet know how everything will look exactly, I can confidently promise there will be no lime green and orange and lavender and little ducks with baskets and flowers!


Pastor Laura