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Peeling potatoes with Jesus. 
If you were given the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with Jesus in-person peeling potatoes, what would you do? 
I think almost all of us would gladly accept. Imagine you and Him standing in your kitchen with peelers in hand. 
What would you want to ask Him? 
What would you want to say to Him? 
I know Jesus isn't physically 'in-person' with us right now. 
But He is with us. (Emmanuel)
He is 'in-person.' (in you!)
There was a monk in the seventeenth century named Brother Lawrence who became known for realizing the ever-presence of God, even in the most mundane activities of life. Author Gary Thomas notes how present in everyday life Jesus actually is, Brother Lawrence "no longer dreaded work in the kitchen, he now felt as close to God peeling potatoes as he did kneeling at the altar."
In our church family, we're all about bringing the message and ministry of Jesus into everyday life. 
We learned through surveys at our two Town Hall meetings this past Fall that the number one thing people in our church want to grow in is the 'everyday life' part of our mission statement. 
This is why the first of our 2023 5 Prayer Priorities is "Jesus Every Day."  
Wouldn't you love to feel closer to Jesus this year? 
Wouldn't you love to encounter Him and hear Him speak to you through the Bible more? 
Wouldn't you love to notice Him with you and at work around you in the everyday stuff of life? 
This year we're praying together to behold Jesus more. This year we're praying for our relationships with Jesus to be meaningful and growing. 
I'm not sure that the potato peeler is the secret to all of this. But I am sure that realizing where Jesus is right now, adds significance and potential to every moment of every day. 
Slow for one moment right now. Pause and whisper, "Thank you Jesus that you are here, right now." Pause again. 
What are you doing next? 
He is there with you! 
Pastor Mike