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Dearly Beloved...

Jesus is the worst. 

Not words many of us put together often. Today, I want you to consider something Jesus was the worst at. 
Last Sunday we spent some time considering what it means to be poor in spirit. You can hear that here. To be poor in spirit means to live totally dependant upon God. 

What are some examples you can think of in the Bible that illustrate being poor in spirit? 
Who is the best example of it? 

What I'm about to propose to you may come as a shock to some: No one to ever walk the planet has been more poor in spirit than Jesus.

Consider the gravity of these comments by Jesus: 

The Son can do nothing by himself (John 5.19)

By myself, I can do nothing (John 5.30)

Jesus goes on to explain that He only does what He sees the Father doing and only says what He hears the Father saying (John 5.19-30, 12.49-50). 
One of the things Jesus did powerfully for us was demonstrate what it looks like for humanity to walk in dependence upon God and in the power of the Spirit

Consider what was going on in the Garden of Eden and with the trees. Adam and Eve were created to live in a relationship with God and in complete dependence upon Him. Instead, they opted for independence instead; a choice each of us has enacted far too often in our own lives as well. Part of the wonder of Jesus' incarnation is that instead of living independently and 'full of himself,' Jesus lives out His divine humanity in utter dependence.  

Do you want to see the power and potential of independence? Don't look at Jesus. He's the worst. 
Do you want to learn what poor in spirit looks like? Look to Jesus. He's the best.

Pastor Mike