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Chances are, you'd like to see God do something surprising in your community.
If we're anything alike, you don't ponder the future and imagine things remaining the same here. As much as we find things to love about the Comox Valley, there are also things you're frustrated with in our community. There are things you are saddened and disturbed by. Increasing homelessness or crime. Racial issues. Seniors living in isolation and loneliness. More and more children and youth confused about their identity and purpose in life. Chances are, it bothers you too that within minutes of our church (and by that I mean your home!...not just the building we gather in) there are tens of thousands of people that may die without discovering that Jesus loves and saves them. 
So what are you going to do about it? 
Wouldn't it be amazing to witness the love and power of Jesus breakthrough into our community it a truly transforming way? 
God promises that surprising results may be only a prayer away. 2 Chronicles 7.14 promises that on the other side of a people of prayer the healing of a land can occur. 
We are in the third week of considering the five things God is calling Comox Pentecostal Church to pray for in 2021. Today I'm reminding you that you and I are called to Pray for the people of the Comox Valley. 
Imagine what could happen! Try closing your eyes for 30 seconds and visualizing improvements areas of poverty and social concern in our community. Picture young people who live with joy and purpose and seniors who feel the thrill of welcome and community. 
Imagine what it would look like -and feel like- to baptize one of your neighbours or coworkers one Summer day at a party at Comox Lake. 
Would you join me in praying for these things? 
  • Your neighbours and co-workers by name
  • The local Military Families (and subsequent concerns of PTSD)
  • Healthcare Workers in our community who continue to be on the front lines of a stressful pandemic
  • And any other community needs and concerns that stand out to you! 
Perhaps you could pray weekly about these things? Imagine what could happen. 
Why not pray this aloud with me right now, "God may your Kingdom come and your will be done here in the Comox Valley (and feel free to insert some neighbour's names here), as it is in Heaven."
Pastor Mike