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Goldilocks and the ____ _______ ? 
I bet most of you filled in the blanks quite easily. Three bears. When people think of Goldilocks, is it possible for them NOT to think those three bears? 
While we're dealing with entirely different kinds of stories (and not fairy tales at all), I hope that in the same kind of way, when you hear or think of the Story of God, you'll think of 5 Trees. 
We're going to begin journeying into our church's seven values over the next several weeks in the Dearly Beloved. 
When you flip through our CPC Vision Booklet the first value you are introduced to is "The Story of God and the 5 Trees." By this we mean we value the gospel. 
As it turns out, we are presently in a series called "Gospel Fluency" where we can both reinforce the importance of the gospel and also explain what we mean by "the 5 Trees". If you've missed any of the messages so far you can catch up here
The 5 Trees we are referring to that appear in scripture help us to understand the main message of the Bible, understand the essentials of the gospel message, and best of all, they help us to see into God's heart. 
The Bible presents a vital narrative to its readers. Not about us, but about God! The Bible isn't a self-help book for you, it's a revelation of God at work in our world. The Bible helps us to see what God has been doing, what God is doing, and what His actions and words tell us about what He's like and how we can be in relationship with Him. 
Can you imagine a Bible without the gospel? 
Can you imagine a church that doesn't value the gospel? 
Can you imagine a you without the gospel? 
No thanks. 
The gospel "is the power of God for salvation for everyone who will trust in Jesus!" (Romans 1.16). 
Pastor Mike