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What day is it? 
For many people, the days between Christmas and New Years mush together into a series of curious ‘what-day-is-it-today?’ days. As difficult as it can be to figure out what day it actually is versus what day it seems to feel like, this strange time between Dec 25 & Jan 1 is kind of nice, isn’t it? For many, they seem to afford some extra opportunity for family, quiet, rest, reflection, and anticipation of the year to come. While ‘the week between’ doesn’t have prominence on a calendar like Christmas & New Years do, it is still a week of potential and significance. 
It reminds me, in a strange kind of way, of the historical period of time between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Most scholars seem to agree that around 400 years of history pass between the final words of the Old and the first occurrences of the New Testament. This interesting stretch of history is called the “intertestamental period” and because they seemingly went without God raising up a prophet or any of our biblical books being penned, they are sometimes referred to as the “400 years of silence.” 
But that is a misnomer. 
While God wasn’t speaking through new Biblical writing at the time, make no mistake, He was still speaking. His Word was very much alive and speaking into the day to day lives of His people. 
While He is at times quiet in the ways He is speaking, He is not silent. 
Consider the famous story from the Bible of Elijah expectantly waiting for God to presence Himself and God did not show up in the powerful displays of wind, earthquake and fire, but instead in the ‘still small voice.’ Beautiful, isn’t it? While of course we can see spiritual significance in Christmas and even in the fresh start that comes annually in New Years, the quiet days in ‘the week between’ are pregnant with potential to hear what God is quietly saying to you. 
“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.”
Psalm 62.1 (NLT) 
“Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.”
Psalm 62.5 (NLT) 
So, in these ‘intertestimental’ ;) days between Christmas & New Years, God is not silent. He is speaking, and yes, sometimes it may be quietly. One of the greatest signs of love is a desire to communicate. God loves to speak to you longs to speak with with you! He speaks to us in the Bible, by His Spirit, and through His body. As we approach a new year together, let’s keep connected to others who love Jesus too, listen for the voice of His Spirit, and continue to pursue His heart through His Word! 
By the way, today is Friday :) 
Pastor Mike 
Ps - See you Sunday? (Single service, 10am!)