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What is beneath the surface?


In September of our first year in the Comox Valley, a friend told Heather that the salmon were running. She suggested a place to go along the Puntledge River and to take our snorkel masks. We walked to the spot and looked at the water for a while, but didn’t see any fish. We were disappointed. Then we donned our masks and got into the water. We found ourselves swimming with hundreds of salmon going by. It was amazing!


From the shore, we were unable to see what was beneath the surface. Sometimes what is beneath the surface is beautiful. Other times it is not. When it comes to our lives, the issues beneath the surface may pull us down and keep us from experiencing the abundance God has planned for us.


Peter and Geri Scazzero, authors of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, use the image of an iceberg to reveal the importance of having Jesus touch what is beneath the surface in our lives.


In Peter Scazzero’s book, Day by Day, he describes the spiritual condition of many believers today. He says, “Too many of us have a relationship with Jesus that is seriously underdeveloped. We talk to God, or even perhaps at God, but don’t actually listen to him very much . . . The outlook may seem bleak. But what if I told you that, while the problem is real and pervasive, it is far from a lost cause? There is a way to live a relaxed, unhurried, contented life in Jesus amidst the pressures and difficulties of life. There is a way to mature into spiritual adulthood anchored in the love of God. There is a way to remain thoughtful when triggered in conversations and listen for God’s voice. There is a way to surrender to God’s love and will consistently—even when it is difficult. There is a way to give our lives in service to others without becoming chronically exhausted (9-10).”


From January 21 to March 10 my wife, Heather, and I will be leading a course on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. We don’t lead as people who have it all together, but rather as fellow travelers on the journey with Jesus. Like you we are seeking to live a contented life in Jesus amidst the pressures and difficulties of life. We invite Jesus to touch what is beneath the surface so we may become more emotionally healthy spiritually. If you are interested in growing in Christ, we invite you to participate in the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course.


The course runs for 8 Sunday evenings from 6:30 to about 8:00. Through reading, videos, some input from us, and sharing with others, you will have the opportunity to grow in Christ, in part through understanding what is beneath the surface. Our hope is that together we will grow spiritually in an emotionally healthy way with Jesus.

Pastor Lorne Willms