OPTIONAL: Read Chapters 4&5 of Gospel Fluency. What are some highlights? What challenged you? 

1. On Sunday we talked about the Tree of Life and considered three words: Gift, Middle and Choice.

  • Which word stands out most to you? 
  • Why?

2. Read Romans 8:11 

  • Do you think that most people wonder about what happens after death?
  • How does this passage give us hope after death?
  • If you are facing difficulty on a Tuesday or feeling discouraged about something on a Friday, how could this scripture be of hope and encouragement to you? In other words, how does this verse speak into our everyday living?

3. On Sunday it was said that the Tree of Life is a Tree of Dependance.

  • How might people in the Comox Valley struggle with this? 
  • How might Christians today struggle with dependance?

4. Communion and Prayer ( Read 1 Cor 11: 23-26 for guidance)

5. Christmas Outreach Brainstorm: As a group list 4-5 ideas of something your group could do together to practically express the love of Jesus by meeting the need of someone who doesn't know Jesus yet. Pray and ask God to lead your group to focus on one.