Revelation Series Guide

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Week 1 Questions
  1. If this is a newly formed group, be sure to take a moment to introduce yourselves. What are you hoping to grow in through our 7 weeks together?

  2. When you think about the book of Revelation, what has seemed intimidating or confusing to you? What excites you about the book now?

  3. On Sunday we were reminded that the Revelation is an “Apocalypse,” which means “unveiling” and was an ancient genre that utilized vivid imagery and exaggerated symbolism. What has the word apocalypse evolved to mean to most people presently? Why is it important to remember that Revelation is an apocalypse? 

  4. Read Revelation chapter 4 together. What stood out to you as we went through it on Sunday? What speaks to you as you read it today? 

  5. How did this passage bring encouragement to the 7 churches that first read this two thousand years ago? How does this speak encouragement to us today? 

  6. What action does this passage call us to? How could we respond to this in our group today or in our lives this week?

  7. Next week we will begin exploring ideas for a Group Christmas Outreach. To conclude today, let’s get into 2’s or 3’s (men with men, ladies with ladies) to pray for each other.

Week 2 Questions 
  1. Last week we discussed some ways Revelation 4 might call us to action. Did the book of Revelation come to mind this past week? How so? Can you tell us about any ways you responded to the call to action from Revelation 4 this past week?  
  2. Read Revelation chapter 5 together. Reflect on Sunday’s message. What stood out to you from Revelation 5 on Sunday? What stood out to you as you read it now? 
  3. What do we behold about Jesus in this text that draws out a response of worship?  
  4. Imagine you were in one of the 7 churches in ancient Turkey 2000 years ago that was facing intense persecution and feeling the temptation to compromise. How would you feel after hearing Revelation 5 read? Why?  
  5. What action do you feel Revelation 5 calls us to? How could we respond to this in our group today or in our lives this week?  
  6. Christmas Outreach Brainstorm:  As a group come up with a list of 4-5 ideas of something your group could do to practically express the love of Jesus by meeting a need of someone who doesn’t know Jesus yet. Hint: have people take time thinking of people in their local mission field. Perhaps there might be an opportunity for your group together to be led by God to meeting one of the needs that is mentioned together as an expression of Christmas Outreach. Maybe it will be to bless the single mom down the street, or to throw a neighbourhood Christmas party. Today is about Brainstorming ideas. Let’s pray that God will guide our group to the one thing he wants us to do.   
  7. Get into smaller groups of 2’s & 3’s (men with men and ladies with ladies) to pray together. Smaller groups allow for enough time to chat and pray. Check in on each other. How are you doing? How has your soul been this past week? How can we pray for you for the coming week?  


Week 3 Questions
  1. Last week we discussed some ways Revelation 5 might call us to action. Did Revelation come to mind during the week? How so? Can you tell us about any ways you responded to the call to action from Revelation 5 this past week? 
  2. Read Revelation 1.4-6 & 5.6-10. Why might it be important that Revelation refers to the followers of Jesus as a "kingdom and priests"? (if you like looking at other biblical background, see: Exodus 19.5-6 & 1 Peter 2.9). Discuss what stood out to you from Sunday's message. 
  3. Read Ephesians 1.20-23 & 2.6. What do these passages reveal to us about the reign of Christ and our position in Him and participation in implementing the victory of Christ on Earth?
  4. Why might Revelation's unveiling of Christ's rule and His reign through His people mattered to the first hearers and readers of the Revelation 2000 years ago? 
  5. As priests, we represent (re-present) God to people who don't know Him yet. What ideas do many people in the Comox Valley have about God? How might the image of a little lamb that was slain be surprising or refreshingly good news to people who don't know Jesus yet? What are some ways we can embody the way of the Lamb in our lives and witness?
  6. As priests, we represent people to God. When we pray for others, we are bringing their names and their concerns before God, like a bowl of incense (Revelation 5.8). Get into smaller groups of 2's & 3's (men/men, ladies/ladies) to pray together. Before you pray for each others' needs, please pray for three people by name (one or more each) who you know in the Comox Valley who don't know Jesus yet. 
  7. Christmas Outreach Planning: Last week your group brainstormed ideas of things you could do to help someone who doesn’t know Jesus yet feel the good news this Christmas. Begin narrowing your ideas down to one you could work on together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to really meet someone’s need or bless them.


Week 4 Questions
  1. Last week we talked again about ways in which Revelation 5 might call us to action. Hint, think: “Kingdom of Priests.” Can you tell us about any ways you responded to the call to action from Revelation 5 this past week? 
  2. This Sunday we began our journey into Revelation 6-20 and we also gave focus to the “seven seals.” See if your group can remember together the “7 Factors” to keep in mind as we move into and through chapters 6-20. (See if how many of the 7 you can remember as a group before looking back at your notes.) Why are these factors important?  
  3. What stood out to you about this past Sunday’s message? Why? What did you feel Jesus was saying to you?  
  4. Pastor Mike offered the following as a summary of the 7 seals and the message of chapters 6-20: “The coming of Jesus and His Kingdom is met with resistance and upheaval but ultimately leads to the culmination of all things.” How would the original 7 churches to receive Revelation seen the reality of this in their world? How might we see and experience this same reality today?  
  5. The central issue is the coming of Jesus and His Kingdom. Do you feel that Christians might sometimes be uncomfortable with the coming of Jesus’ Kingdom? Why? Read Revelation 22.17 & 20-21. How does this speak to you in light of today’s conversation? 
  6. One of the calls to action that the 7 seals calls us to is to prayer and to praying for God’s Kingdom to come. Get into smaller groups of 2’s or 3’s (men/men, ladies/ladies) to pray together. Before you pray for each other’s needs, please pray for God’s Kingdom to come to the Comox Valley and our whole world.  
  7. Christmas Outreach Planning: By now your group should have decided on a Christmas Outreach that you participate in together. If not, make that decision today. What are the next steps? What do you need to do to plan and be well-prepared for this group Christmas Outreach? 
Week 5 Questions
  1. Last week we talked about the impact and implications of the coming of Jesus and His Kingdom in our lives and world right now. Did you have any further reflections on this or praying “your Kingdom come” this past week?  
  2. As you reflect on our journey through Revelation so far (since mid-June!), what are some examples of some views you’ve had on Revelation that have felt challenged or been changing? How does this impact you?  
  3. Read Revelation 6.17-7.17 together. Chapter 7 answers the question Chapter 6 ends with. What stands out to you from Chapter 7 today? What stood out to you from the message on Sunday?  
  4. On Sunday we considered how the seal (mark) God puts upon us is His Holy Spirit (if needed, see Ephesians 1.13 & 4.30 for reference). Read 2 Corinthians 1.21-22 together. How does this passage reflect or parallel the message of Revelation 6.17-7.17? How did this speak to the first churches of 2,000 years ago and how does this speak to you and I today?  
  5. How have you noticed the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in your life? How would you like to grow in the Spirit’s work through your life? (consider: Fruit of the Spirit – the character of Jesus displayed through you, and Gifts of the Spirit – the empowerment of God for Jesus to serve and minister to others through you).  
  6. Let’s get into smaller groups of 2’s & 3’s to pray together. Check in on how each other are doing. IMPORTANT: this week, instead of immediately praying for each other, FIRST ask the Holy Spirit to minister through you as you pray for each other.  
  7. Christmas Outreach Planning: Revisit and discuss your group’s Christmas Outreach Plan. As a church we value a relational approach to witness and see the potential of doing this together in and through groups (see our Vision Booklet for more on this if you need to!). Our church would like to explore supporting your group outreach. Question for consideration today: If our church was able to add resources to assist your outreach, what would be helpful? (Would your group like to apply for a Christmas Outreach grant? How much?)


Week 6 Questions
  1. Last week we included time talking about how Jesus marks us with His seal, the Holy Spirit. As you reflect upon these last 7 days, in what ways would you say the Holy Spirit was present and active if your life?  
  2. This past Sunday we took a broad look at the 7 Trumpets in Revelation 8-11. What stood out to you or spoke to your life?  
  3. Trumpets were often used in ancient Israel to sound a warning. The seven trumpets portray many disturbing scenes and details. Whose attention are the trumpets calling for? How does this speak to us as Christians?  
  4. Reflect on the 5 things Pastor Mike mentioned that Revelation 8-11 calls us to behold of Jesus. Which one stands out to you? Why?  
    • Behold Jesus, who cares about justice 
    • Behold Jesus, who is patient 
    • Behold Jesus, who cares deeply about Christians tangled in compromise 
    • Behold Jesus, who gives the opportunity for repentance  
    • Behold Jesus, who makes judgment a good news word 
  5. Before getting into smaller groups for prayer, Read the 7th Trumpet passage in Revelation 11.15-19. Which word or phrase from this text speaks to you today?  
  6. Let’s get into 2’s & 3’s to pray together (men/men, ladies/ladies). Today’s portion of Revelation and discussion covered some tender topics like compromise and repentance. Consider a brave a vulnerable time of prayer together. What is an area of life -big or small, past or current- that you have felt the pull toward the world in? How do you need the Spirit’s strength to help you follow Jesus faithfully? Is there a decision you need to make today or a change you need to make? Pray for one another.  
  7. Christmas Outreach Planning. Take some time to continue working on your group plan together. We want to hear about it! Please appoint someone in your group to send a brief summary of your group’s plan to Thanks! Have you applied for resources from the church to help take your outreach to the next level of impact? If not, please do so ASAP, here!  


Week 7 Questions
  1. Last week we considered heavy topics like compromise, judgment, and repentance and the rescue of Jesus. As you reflect on the past seven days, have any of these themes come to mind? How did you notice Jesus at work in your life this week?  
  2. This Sunday we consider the main message of Revelation chapters 10 and 11. What stood out to you or spoke to your life?  
  3. On Sunday we heard that the most important priority on Earth right now is the message and ministry of Jesus. How do we see this in Rev 10 & 11? What might people who don’t know Jesus yet say the most important priority on Earth is right now? What are some examples of other (sometimes quite good!) things us as Christians can be distracted by and drift off track from the most important priority?   
  4. Chapter 11 brings up the sobering subject of death. Why do you think it is important for Christians to seriously consider what they would die for? Does knowing what we’d die for have the potential to change how we live? How would you like your life to be used for God’s missional purposes in the Comox Valley next year?  
  5. What was the meaning of there being 2 witnesses in chapter 11? Would you rather be a witness by yourself or together with a few others? Why? Our church’s vision booklet speaks of “Gospel Intentionality Together” like this: It seems that one of the strongest apologetics for our faith today is community. Your life can bear witness to Jesus alone, but when you team up on mission with others your effectiveness is multiplied. Maybe there are other followers of Jesus in your part of town that you could love and serve your neighbourhood together with. Or, maybe there are other co-workers, or people in the same field, or with the same hobby that you could partner with to reach others in that same mission field. Gospel intentionality together is powerful!” Discuss some ways you could see small groups like yours and others in CPC on mission together here in the Comox Valley.  
  6. Break into your groups of 2’s and 3’s to pray together. Check in on each other and pray for each other’s needs. Pray also for the light of Jesus to shine brightly through each person’s witness in our local community.  
  7. Today is our last group meeting to work on our Christmas Outreach plans. Please apply for a grant from the church to increase the impact of your outreach together! You can do that here! If this is a pop-up group, discuss: What’s next? Should we meet again sometime in December? Should we keep on meeting next year as a group? How could we keep connected and ‘on mission’ together?