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Dearly Beloved,

5,000, or 4, or 1? 

I heard a presentation this week that cited a study that reported you and I tend to make an average of 5,000 choices every day. That's a lot! 

We live in a world of options. 

The Christian life and being part of a church family presents many options too. 

In spite of all the great options we have in CPC (services, groups, events, classes, camps...), it's important for you to know what you should prioritize with your valuable time, energy, and focus. 

So, what are the irreducible minimums that would make up the most robust, biblical, and purposeful life of growing faith and impact? 

In CPC, we believe there are 4 things everyone in our church family is called to. Beginning today and in the following three Dearly Beloveds, we're going to take a moment to consider each.

Number 1: You are called to Jesus! 

Perhaps this states the obvious. But it is still well worth listing as number one. Can you imagine if we saw something else as a higher priority than this!? 

You are called to Jesus! 

Keep your first love, your first love.
Give the best of your attention and affection to Him.
Don't just try to learn about Him, read the Bible to behold and know Him.
Journey through your greatest difficulties with Him.
Listen to Him.
Express your heart to Him in prayer. 
Keep a meaningful and growing connection with Him.
This is the one most important thing, ever.

Not 5,000, not even 4, just one thing matters the most. 

So, let's allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen our engagement with this, the highest priority of priorities. 

How has your connection with Jesus been lately?

What is one thing you could do today to interrupt your life and allow your attention to be gripped by Jesus? 

Do it! 

Next week we will consider the second thing you and I are called to. In the meantime -and always- "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!" Hebrews 12.2

Pastor Mike