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God is stingy. 
How does that line sit with you? 
If you agree with it, we might have a problem. Chances are, it doesn't resonate with you at all because it seems totally inconsistent with God's character and ways. Consider:

  • When the story of God begins, we discover one of His first acts toward humanity is to bless them (Gen 1.28).
  • After the first half of the bible (Gen 1-11) and the first two trees (Life & Freedom), God seeks a person to build a covenant family with. In Genesis 12 we read about God promising to abundantly bless Abraham and bless the world through his family. 
  • At the fourth tree (Forgiveness), the cross, God gives His whole, not just some or withholding anything, self for people. Think about how generously He gives forgiveness to the undeserving. 
  • "Behold, what manner of love God has lavished upon us" 1 John 3.1. It sure seems like God gives the fullness of His love to His people, doesn't it?

God is not stingy. 
God is generous. 
And we, His children, have the opportunity to reflect His character and display the family trait of generosity. 
As a church, we value the Big Smile of Achoo. In other words, we value generosity. 

Well, God has been so generous to us! Why would we want to be unlike Him? And, through acts of generosity His purposes are advanced and people are helped and blessed. 


Why a "Big Smile"? 
Have you ever met someone who was lovingly generous and simultaneously sour and cold? Have you ever noticed that people who are lovingly generous seem to be truly joyful? It's not a coincidence, the Bible tells us there is a link between joy and generosity. 


Why "Achoo"? 
Well, the Bible promises that a lifestyle of giving opens our hands to also receive blessing. In our consumeristic and selfish world, it can be tempting to become motivated to give more in order to recieve more. But, we don't give to get blessed, we give because we are blessed. And when people sneeze we say "bless you!" not "bless me"  Perhaps there's a good reminder in every sneeze? 

I am so proud of our church family and how we are growing in the grace of generosity! 
Wouldn't it be fun to give even more? 
Pastor Mike