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Dearly Beloved...

My prediction for your life: 50 days from now.... your stomach will hopefully be as full as your soul. And hopefully several other wonderful realities. 50 days from now it will be Christmas Day! 

Is that coming sooner than you expected? 

Why am I bringing this up today? Well, many of us applied extra intentionality and generosity to bring light and love to our neighborhoods this past weekend for Halloween. And now I want you to begin scheming for Christmas. 

Last year we launched "Miracle on Your Street" as part of our Christmas outreach and we are calling you to consider making a miracle on your street again this year. Whether you work together with some other CPC households nearby yours or just as a family, I want to ask you to begin pondering and praying about what you could do. 

Get creative. 
Be intentional. 

Perhaps there's a single parent on your street that you could make a miracle for this year. Or, maybe there's an elderly couple that you could care for. Or, what about coming up with a fun neighborhood event or experience. 

Let's start by praying. While Christmas is 50 days away, and a miracle on your street might be 30 or 40 days away, could I ask you to prayer-walk your street sometime in the next 7 days? Pay for God's work to unfold in each home. Ask God to give you creativity in bringing a miracle to your street this Christmas.

Let's Pray.

Pastor Mike 

Speaking of Halloween... 

Our staff heard several great reports from people in our church family who had a blast being a blessing on their street this past Sunday. Well done! Whether it was trying something for the first time, or upgrading from mini or large chocolate bars, thanks for every effort. I know one person who prepared something for their neighborhood and only had 5 people stop by. I was thrilled! That's 5 more than previous years! New connections in their neighborhood were forged. Awesome. 

While Laura hit the streets with our girls, I stayed home and had a propane fire ring and chairs as well as my ceramic Japanese konro table grill set up for trick-or-treaters and parents to make s'mores at. We had dozens and dozens and dozens of kids and adults stop by. The chocolate bars were a win (as always), and the s'mores proved to be a hit. And because it takes a few minutes to roast the marshmallow for the s'more, it gave a great opportunity to chat and get to know so many more people from our area. Names were noted. Bridges of friendship were built. And new pathways for the gospel in our neighborhood are beginning to emerge. I've got to be honest, I felt out of my element at times. But the love and gospel of Jesus are too good to not at least step out of my comfort zone and start up some conversations with some strangers (or new friends?). Bring on Christmas!