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Get out of your safe bubble….

    When I was in high school I loved hanging out with everyone and was super comfortable in my large public school being around unbelievers yet remaining confident in my faith. I was so comfortable in this position that I even started running a bible study in my high school and it grew very quickly, some would say the pizza my youth pastor provided was the reason it grew but I like to think God was moving in my school. I was eager to tell people about Jesus and loved hanging out with those who don't believe in God and even show hatred towards him at times. I loved being in a public school because I enjoyed being a light in all the darkness, I felt like I was doing something that would have been the way Jesus lived, Jesus didn't spend all his time in a Christian bubble, he was exposed to the worst of the world and he spent time and loved all those people.
    I loved this so much that I thought I should get some training so I went to Bible college to get a 4-year degree, and I loved my time at college and had so much fun. This college campus is pretty removed from the community and it can be easy to spend all your time there in a very tight Christian bubble and that's what I did. I even had a job on campus, so all my time was spent there and this means that I was a little too comfortable in the safety of that bubble. I went to Bible college in order to be better at helping my non-believing friends. Yet I felt less comfortable and able to hang out with non-believers and be light in their world. 
    Now this is not me saying that having a safe Christian space is bad, it's actually necessary and essential but you have to also put yourself out there as a light in the darkness, you have amazing news so you have to be with people who need it just as Jesus did when he was on earth, always hanging out with the wicked and touching the sick. We are best formed on a mission very similar to Jesus' disciples, learning while serving. This is my encouragement to be on mission in your community and to those who don't know Jesus. Be a friend to everyone.

Pastor Clay Wilson