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Dearly Beloved CPC Family...

Did you have a good guess for #5? These last several weeks we've been entertaining what we'd give our focus to if CPC could only do 5 things. You can read about the first four here. And now....drumroll please....... our fifth. 

5) Global Missions 

I think I just heard our missions committee cheer. But they're not the only ones. Here are 5 other groups I think are celebrating our prioritization of missions:

  1. Hurting, hungry and lonely people around the world.

  2. People trapped in oppression and injustices. 

  3. Your neighbours. 

  4. Most certainly: God.

  5. And, I hope: You. 

Perhaps the first two are obvious. Let me unpack the others a bit. 

Why would your neighbours care about our church engaging more in global missions? The reason is actually simple: When we engage more in global missions we become better neighbours. We discover our hearts for what God could do locally grows. As you care more about global missions your eyes are opened to opportunities here too - right next door. Global and local mission are unified in God's heart and are also symbiotic. When you become a better neighbour to the nations through missions, you have the opportunity to grow as a better neighbour at home. 

Why does God celebrate our engagement in missions? Well, because it is His mission! When we are passive about what matters most to God it is concerning to Him. But when we join Him in what He cares deeply about in nations and neighbourhood, it must produce a divine smile. 

Why do I hope you celebrate that missions is one of five things we will give high priority to? Because, as you pastor, I want you to know that your engagement in missions is actually good for you. I want God's best for you. I believe not caring about missions can be destructive - and I don't want that for you. Engagement in missions is one of the greatest ways to rebel against an utterly wicked destroyer: Self-absorption. I suppose I could try to entice you to consider the benefits of missions; global travel, experiencing other cultures and foods, meeting wonderful people, that feeling when your gifts are used dynamically by God. However, as wonderful and real as each of those are, if those come first in our motive, we may have missed the point. The point is: God's glory (not self). The point is: Others (not self). 

Imagine the name of Jesus being known and trusted in greater ways because you and I make joyful sacrifices of time, prayer, and money.

Imagine others experiencing rescue and restoration through Jesus because you and I make joyful sacrifices of time, prayer, and money. 

"For as the waters fill the sea, the Earth (others!) will be filled with the awareness of the glory of the Lord (Jesus!)" Habakkuk 2.14

CPC, we will pray. 
CPC, we will give. 
CPC, we will go. 
We will set bold goals and dream new dreams!

Let's join God in His work on Earth for the sake of others and for His glory! 
Pastor Mike