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It's fine, it's fine………. It's not fine 

It’s fine is the universal response even when it is definitely not fine, at least it seems to be what most people resort to in order to answer questions that if truthfully answered could lead to an outpour of built-up emotions. 

    When things are not fine what should our correct response be, this is something that varies from person to person in how they respond to chaos. When chaos creeps in the most important thing is to find peace somewhere to calm the storm. There are many places in scripture where Jesus is very clear that he is peace, Romans 15:33 “the God of peace be with you all. Amen.”  

    I mentioned on Sunday about how we often look towards the wrong things, when I need water I often go for the coke and justify it with some water in the ingredients. When we need water, we need WATER, just like when we need peace we have to go straight to the source. The source of peace is God, God refers to himself as peace but also says that prayer is a connection to him, which means that prayer is a connection to peace. Prayer will calm our storms and provide us with the peace that we need in the midst of chaos, whether that chaos is mental health, addiction, death in the family, or financial stress. There is a place to receive peace and it is through prayer.

    My Grandpa passed away this week and I am thankful that I have a loving God who welcomes me with open arms and offers peace to me and my family when we look toward him. If you are going through something hard, don’t be hesitant to go to our prayer request page and receive prayer today.

Pastor Clay Wilson
Youth Pastor