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Dearly Beloved, 
"I can't see properly and I'm old," my grandfather said with a chuckle on the phone when I asked how he was doing. It was his 88th birthday earlier this week and it was special to talk with him on the phone for a few minutes. He maintained a chipper attitude on the call even though I know it's truly bothering him that his eyesight is diminishing. I admire his faith in Jesus. In my grandfather's journey, his physical eyes are seeing less and less, but his spiritual eyes are seeing more and more. 
Today is Christmas Eve. Through our Advent journey, we have paused weekly for themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Today, we contemplate Light. Christ is at the center of advent and each theme. 
In John 8, Jesus said:
"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."
Have you ever spent time with someone that can't see well, or can't see at all? If you do, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn about light and darkness and dependency and trust. 
Here is the reality: Regardless of the strength or weakness of one's eyesight, real light and real sight finds its source in Jesus alone. 
And here is where the beauty of Christmas and the gospel intersect: Jesus has come, not only to our world but right into the midst of our own darkness to bring light and offer sight to you and to everyone. 
How has your life benefited from the light of Christ?
Where would you be without Him?
Can you imagine what it would be like to live in darkness and without Christ?
Imagine what it's like for your neighbors, co-workers or classmates who fumble through life trying to find meaning and love in life apart from Jesus. 
I hope that today you'll join me in celebrating the advent of Christ, the light of the world. And, I hope that today you'll join me in praying that others in darkness will see His light. 
Merry Christmas! 
Pastor Mike