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Menopause the Musical? 
I once was a guest speaker at a multi-church family camp in another province. The organizers had provided an on-site masseuse and let me know that as a speaker I could schedule a free treatment. I gladly made a booking. The middle-aged massage therapist was, to say the least, a bit quirky. I suspect she may have had a lot (a lot) of cats. She also loved to sing, and I was able to put together quite quickly that there was likely no one that loved her singing more than herself. In fact, she proudly told me she had written a musical on menopause. She didn't even ask if I wanted to hear any of the pieces. She just went ahead and blessed me. As peculiar as some of the aspects of my time on her table were, she was a remarkably excellent massage therapist. Actually, in mere moments she completely repaired something Laura had been physically struggling with for months and had seen several specialists about. Both Laura and I left our times with this magical woman feeling terrific.
Have you had a great massage before? Or maybe a great experience at a spa? There is something about tending to our bodies that can actually heal, refresh and rejuvenate. 
This past Sunday I was thrilled to announce plans for an Encounter with God Weekend on January 6-8, 2023. If you were in the first service you may have heard me say that, in a way, this weekend would be like a spa for your soul. 
Your inner world is massively important. Your inner world is most deserving of something like a spa treatment or massage therapy is to your body. 
What a wonderful way for us to begin the new year together! 
The Encounter with God weekend is being carefully crafted to bring you into a more meaningful experience of God's love, freedom and power. It will be filled with times of teaching, worship, prayer ministry, and eating together. We are also so blessed to have our two guest speakers from this month, Doug Frederick & Brent Cantelon, returning to participate in the weekend. 
As I announced on Sunday, we are able to offer a special reduced rate for those who register this month. If you sign up during September, adults can attend for $50 each, or for $75 as a married couple. We are working on rates for teens to attend and for whole families to come together. Special arrangements are also being made for children's programming to be offered through the weekend also so they can have fun and meet with God too. 
On Sunday I also said that we don't want the cost of the weekend to keep anyone or any couple from attending. In addition to this commitment from our budget, someone else has stepped up to say they felt prompted to make donations so that no one would have to miss out because of the event's cost. I love the generosity of our congregation! 
We want as many people from CPC to take in this whole weekend! Let's start 2023 by meeting with God together. 
Would you consider registering this month? Find out more HERE
I hope you will come. I promise I won't sing. 
Mind you, I have been working on this ditty about mid-life crisis.... manopause? 
Pastor Mike