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Someone was talking about you and they said you "never met a ________ you didn't like". This is hypothetical, of course. You know the phrase, right? Sometimes we say that someone we know never met something -a telephone, if they love talking on the phone; a cut of steak, if they love all red meat, for example- they didn't like. 

I had a realization several years ago. It sounds a little like the phrase above. I wonder if you will be able to relate? 

There was one evening several years ago that I had to go to a prayer meeting (sounds funny to say, but pastor problems, you know). It had been a full week, and I knew it was going to be a poorly attended prayer meeting (and it was) and it was my job to be there. I'm not bemoaning this. This is just how things felt that one evening. 90 minutes later when I was leaving the building, I thought to myself, "I've never met a prayer meeting I didn't like." Sure, there have been some (like that very one) that I was less than inspired to participate in. But, once I actually begin to pray, even with a small collection of people, something magnificent always happens. I meet with God. We meet with God. 

Have you met a prayer meeting you regretted going to? I haven't. I doubt many of you have.

I'm not sure how inspired you are feeling to join in our prayer service this Sunday at 6.30pm, but regardless, can you imagine yourself regretting being part of it? 

Maybe you're already looking forward to it. When I think about the groups of 30 & 40+ people that I have prayed with in the last two prayer services, I know this one will be great too. But if you're feeling less than inspired to make time for it, can I challenge you to check and see if this will be the prayer meeting you'll regret having gone to?

Jesus makes Himself uniquely present with us when we pray together like this! (Matthew 18.20) We have some important and urgent prayer priorities to cover as a church. Hope to see you on the zoom call too! 

Pastor Mike