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Pie is life. 

There’s nothing like a warm, buttery pie coming out of the oven - or, being left on your doorstep if you’re not the pie baking type :) .. It’s so thoughtfully crafted. So carefully put together. Delicate, flaky, and soft yet somehow strong enough to hold together and not go falling apart the second a knife cuts in. There’s one crucial element to a delicious pie though that we often overlook. 

It’s a whole pie. 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ll take any pie that’s left on my doorstep. But a whole one is better than a pie that’s been half eaten! 

Here at CPC we value “Wholiness”.. If your life is a pie, we want you to be your whole, wonderfully delicate, flaky, and soft - oooook this is coming out allllll wrong!!! - scratch the soft and flaky part… WE WANT YOU TO BE WHOLE. Let’s look at a “pie is life” chart. 

If your whole self is made up of, say, 5 categories of health, it could be broken down like this:

Jesus says in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and life to the full.” Jesus paid the ultimate price, not just so that you can have eternal life in glory, but also so that you can live a full life in these years you are blessed to have breath in your lungs! So, as a church family, we are going to go after that. We are going to give time to wholiness. Pursuing health in all areas of our lives. Mind, emotions, spirit, body, relationships. 

Because, you are a wonderful, carefully crafted, delicate yet strong pie that God has created. He wants you to be whole and complete. And HE is the baker that is masterfully and tenderly making you whole! 

Now, go find some delicious pie. I know I am. :) 

Pastor Laura